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Due to the nature of our work we can only give you a ESTIMATED quote via phone/message. We recommend you come in for a consultation and fitting for a official quote. After the consultation you can decide weather you'd like to continue with the services or not. 



You are responsible to provide the materials needed to complete the alteration. i.e.Fabric, zipper, button, beads, buttons etc. PLEASE NOTE!  In the event we do provide you with materials to complete your service- you will be charged for that material.  Most prices depend on the quality and quantity/size of material. 


We DO NOT charge for appointments that are 1 hour or less. Any appointment that lasts more than 1 hour due to design change or indecisiveness of design etc. may be subject to a charge of $10 per 30 minutes; excluding bustle and steaming time.



** These fees can change due to simplicity or the complexity of the work. We recommend you come in for a consultation for an accurate quote. 

Under 3 weeks - $100.00

2 weeks - $200.00

1 week - $300.00

3 days- $400.00

Overnight - $500.00


In the event we can provide this service; you will be charged $0.54 PER MILE for any off site services and $50 per hour.

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