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New Customer - Consultation/Fitting

During this complimentary design consultation, we will discuss any ideas for your dress/clothing such as; silhouettes, fabrics, style etc. and take your measurements.

After the consultation, Yrma will sketch designs so you can get an idea of what your dress will look like and provide a price estimate.


Please provide the following information on booking:

1. Event Date

2. Photo of the gown (preferably on you)

3. Preferred method of contact ( via Facebook, Insta, phone, email etc.) and time of day.


Note: Brides/Custom Gowns - usually require 4-6 appointments - about one week apart. * Rush Services are offered - please call us immediately if you need your service done in less than 6 weeks. 

Any other formal gowns and everyday clothes have a 1-2 week turnaround time.

Pick Up Appointment

2nd/3rd Fitting

Follow up appointment(s)  for any of following services : Custom Designed Dresses, Wedding Dresses,Formal Wear, Suits, Prom, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Groom, Costumes, Blessing/Baptism Dress etc.


During your 2nd and/or 3rd Appointments fitting appointments:

Yrma will create a basic mockup of your dress or patterns needed for your alteration from a simple cotton fabric (muslin) based on your custom measurements.


Any minor dress alterations will be handled during these fitting appointments.

During this appointment we will have you try on your gown one last time to confirm it exceeds your expectations.

1. You do require you to try on your item and/or thoroughly check the work before taking it with you.

2. Payment in Full must be made.


Gown Cleaning

Need just measurements? We c


$75-$150 depending on how many layers , length of train and type of fabric. 


We work by appointment only out of home-based business in West Jordan, Utah. We have one fitting room to service our customers so we ask that you still request an appointment to drop off your gown.

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